How to Ride the Trolley

Sparky the Downtown Branson Trolley
Sparky at Stop #2: Branson Landing and Bass Pro Shops

You want to explore Downtown Branson, and you’ve heard about Branson’s free trolley system. Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with everything you need to know.

Where can I go on the trolley?

The trolley system has 12 stops throughout Downtown Branson, including Main Street, Branson Landing and the Branson Convention Center. The stops are arranged in a single “loop” route, and at least 2 trolleys are typically operating at the same time.

The RideSparky Route:

Stop 1: Lakeside RV Park
Nearby: RV Park, Lake Taneycomo Bridge, Scotty’s Trout Dock

Stop 2: Bass Pro Shops/Branson Landing South
Nearby: Bass Pro, Branson Landing, White River Fish House, Branson Landing Cruises

Stop 3: Branson Convention Center
Nearby: Convention Center, Hilton Hotels, Starbucks, East Main Street, Branson Scenic Railway, Parking Deck

Stop 4: Price Street
Nearby: Convention Center Parking Lot, City Hall, Business 65/Veterans Blvd.

Stop 5: Intersection of Main & Commercial Streets
Nearby: Dick’s 5 & 10, Historic Downtown Shopping, Motorcoach Parking, Restaurants

Stop 6: Belk / Branson Landing North
Nearby: Belk, Branson Landing, Parakeet Pete’s Balloon, North Beach Park, Boardwalk

Stop 7: Awberry Parking Lot
Nearby: Motorcoach Parking, Public Restrooms, Main Street, Atlantic Street

Stop 8: 4th Street
Nearby: Hotels, Middle Main Street

Stop 9: Loyd Road
Nearby: Fast Food, Convenience Stores, Pharmacy, Upper Main Street

Stop 10: Pacific Street at 6th Street
Nearby: Fast Food, Business offices

Stop 11: Pacific Street  at 3rd Street
Nearby: Boutique Stores, Taneyhills Library

Stop 12: Liberty Plaza
Nearby: Liberty Plaza, Downtown Shopping, Public Restrooms, Post Office, Downtown Welcome Center, Theatres, Music Stores, Parking Deck

See the trolley system map for details about all the stops.

When do the trolleys run?

January – February: The trolleys run weekends only from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

March – December: The trolleys run 7 days a week from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Trolley service doesn’t run on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or if weather conditions make travel dangerous.

How long does it take to get around? How frequent are the trolleys?

If you get on the trolley at any stop, that trolley will usually complete that route’s entire loop in 20-30 minutes. But most of the time you can get from Point A to Point B faster than that. For example, going from Main Street to Branson Landing usually takes 5-10 minutes.

If a trolley is approaching a stop, please stand near the curb and signal to the driver. The driver may pass a stop if they don’t see anybody standing at the posted stop sign.

You can find the nearest trolley by using our trolley GPS tracker.

Can I just take the tour?

Of course! We love to show off our beautiful downtown, and while you’re riding a video tells you about the area’s history and points out downtown attractions.

Is it really free?

Yes. The trolley system is paid for by Historic Downtown Branson merchants, so it is free for both visitors and locals.

Our drivers do accept tips for good service, but tipping is not required.

Is the trolley wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Each trolley is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Please let the driver know if you need any special accommodations.

Can I bring my service animal?

Yes. Service animals are welcome on Sparky. Please advise the driver of any other special needs you may have.

Pets are not allowed on board.

Help. I left an item on the trolley

If you’ve forgotten a bag or item on the trolley, you can call our dispatch center during trolley operating hours at (417) 598-4680 to see if it has been found. Items typically can be picked up the following weekday at this address:

Downtown Branson Betterment Association
112 W College St
Branson, MO 65616
(417) 334-1548

Where can I get more information?

There’s lots of great information about the trolley and the many things to do in Downtown Branson on our website. You also can stop by the Downtown Branson Welcome Center at the intersection of Commercial and College Streets (Trolley Stop 12 is 1 block away) for free maps and brochures.

If you need further assistance, you can call us at (417) 334-1548.