How You Can Support Small and Locally Owned Businesses

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2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but the financial implications of the pandemic have disproportionately affected small businesses and the many people who work for those companies.

Downtown Branson is a community of nearly 200 locally owned businesses spanning retail, dining, lodging, entertainment and professional services. Here are some suggestions about how you can help your favorite Downtown Branson establishment (or any small business anywhere that you are passionate about).

Directory of Downtown Businesses

Shop The Store Online

Most small retailers sell some or all of their merchandise online, either through their website or on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll discover great products that you might not have noticed in the store, and many small retailers offer convenient return and exchange policies if you buy items directly from them.

Browsing a store’s online merchandise is also a great way to plan your next in-person trip. If you have questions on what you’re seeing online, be sure to call and ask.

Reviews are Golden

If you can’t stop by or even shop your favorite business right now, you can help support that business by writing a great review online on popular sites like Facebook, Google or Yelp. Many small businesses benefit greatly from these customer reviews, and this is a great way to show your support and nudge others to try out the business.

Also, be sure to follow your favorite businesses’ social media accounts and sign up for their email newsletter.

Offer a Supportive Word

The workers at your favorite establishments have probably been having a rough year personally and professionally. And now that most of them are back at work, many are facing lower tips and reduced hours. Strike up a conversation and let them know that you’re rooting for them.

Buy Gift Cards

Even if you’re not gifting, shopping or using their service right now, buying gift cards now has the effect of boosting the businesses’ cash flow in the short term. Giving small business gift cards as Christmas, birthday or work gifts is also a great way to multiply your efforts. You’ll be introducing a friend or family member to a great small business, and hopefully they will choose to become a loyal customer too.

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