Explore Downtown Branson in Air-Conditioned Comfort

Tasty summer treats from Dreamsicles in Historic Downtown Branson.

Oh Summer … that midwestern heat and humidity is something else, isn’t it?

Downtown Branson has too many shops and flea markets and museums that still need exploring, so there’s no reason to let the heat keep you at home or in your hotel. Besides, who is going to eat all the cold and sweet treats in Downtown if we don’t?

Don’t fret! When you need to go Downtown, whether it’s in the Historic District or the famous Branson Landing, you can find relief from the heat (and an easy way to get around) on Sparky. As he circles the downtown route, he brings with him the gift of air conditioning! Hitting each stop about once every 30 minutes, you are sure to find a nearby stop so you can hop on and get a break from the heat. And a free ride at that!

Relax those legs and set those shopping bags down as you enjoy the views of Downtown Branson.

Remember, facial coverings are important when you ride Sparky for your safety and everyone else on board.