Fun Things to Do in Downtown Branson (with the kids!)

Every summer, the kids get out of school and you make a tenative schedule of things to do with them. Silver Dollar City, sports and swimming (of course)! But what can you do when you run out of things to do that will keep them entertained and away from a screen?

Go to Downtown Branson of course! Start by letting Sparky The Trolley take you wherever you need to go. As soon as you climb aboard the classic trolleys, you’ll realize they are worth the trip just for the fun ride through downtown! And kids love trolley selfies!

Here’s a compiled quick list of great things to do with the kids this summer in Downtown.


There are more than a dozen parks and outdoor spaces in downtown. Much like the shopping you can find downtown, you can’t see all the parks in one day either! Dog parks, walking paths, fishing docks, outdoor concerts and movies and Frisbee golf, to just name a few of the amenities that the great parks have to offer.

Ice Cream! (and Treats)

It’s summer and you need something cool or sweet. Downtown has plenty of ways to satisfy your sugary cravings! ‘Nuf said!

Historic Owen Theatre!

Located on Commercial Street, the Historic Owen Theatre is home to the Branson Arts Council and features the Taneycomo Festival Orchestra and several live theater productions throughout the year. If you take the kids you can even call it educational.

Flea Markets Everywhere!

There are many varied flea markets in downtown. It probably wouldn’t be possible to even see all of the treasures they’re hiding in one day. Exploring the many thousands of unique, handmade and antique items are a great way to spend time with the kids. Though we have to admit we’re constantly tempted to say things to the kids like “Back when I was a kid … before the Internet … we watched movies on these large tapes.”

“Was that before they invented electricity, mom?”

“Very funny, dear. Let’s go get some ice cream.”