The Story of Three Downtown Murals

There’s a lot of unique artwork and historic spots you can explore in Downtown Branson, but a few of our favorites are the three large murals that you can view in downtown.

Each has a unique story. So next time you’re in downtown, be sure to take a few moments to admire these large works of art.

The ExploreBranson Postcard Mural

The newest mural and already the most recognizable selfie spot in downtown is the “Greetings from Branson” mural. Located on the east side of Cadwell’s Flea Market at the corner of Main and Sycamore Streets (facing the Hilton Convention Center Hotel), this mural was completed in October 2016.

The artwork was designed to look like a vintage postcard by artist John Bell and painted by Raine Clotfelter, known as “America’s Muralist.” Clotfelter is a retired U.S. Navy draftsman and historian who has painted more than 100 murals across the nation, including many around Branson. The mural was commissioned by the Branson Chamber of Commerce and CVB. It is just a few yards from Sparky Trolley Stop #O3.

Branson Trivia: A smaller replica of this “postcard” mural can also be seen at the Branson Ferris Wheel.

The Star Spangled Banner Bicentennial Mural

Also painted by Raine Clotfelter is the giant mural on the west side of the Liberty Utilities building at 215 W. Main. This artwork celebrated the bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner in 2014.

The background depicts the famous flag over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. The foreground features a giant eagle, a revolutionary-era drum and fife corps and the song originally penned by Francis Scott Key. Most frequently commented on by viewers is the image at the right side of the mural of General George Washington at prayer with a modern-day American soldier.

This mural is about a block away from Trolley Stop #G2.

The Downtown Branson 1913 Mural

The 1913 Mural depicts Commercial and Pacific Streets as they appeared around the time of Branson’s incorporation as a city in 1912. It is located on a long alleyway wall on the north-facing side of the Aromatique Outlet Store on Commercial Street.

Made to look like an old century-old photograph, the mural was painted in 2007 by local artist John Short. The artwork was commissioned by the Downtown Branson Mainstreet Association and supported by several donors.

This mural is about a block from Liberty Plaza and Trolley Stop #G1/O8.