Great spots to experience Downtown Branson’s beautiful fall foliage

This time of year everyone is picking Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins and starting to notice that the leaves are slowly taking on yellow, red and orange hues. And who could forget pumpkin spice … everything?

Here are a few great spots to enjoy Historic Downtown and the Branson waterfront’s beautiful fall scenery (hopefully while you enjoy warm pumpkin spice something)!

North Beach Park and the Branson Landing Boardwalk

For a mile alongside the scenic Lake Taneycomo waterfront is a concrete walking path that connects North Beach Park and the Branson Landing Boardwalk. In North Beach Park it’s a good idea to have crumbs or bird seed for the feathered locals. They don’t mind the company as long as you come bearing gifts.

North Beach Park is home to some of the region’s largest old-growth oaks, with several known to be more than two centuries old.

The concrete path leads down to the Branson Landing where you can easily find the shopping, cafés and restaurants that are lined all along the west side of the Boardwalk. Several even offer outdoor patio seating, so don’t forget to ask for a front-row seat to nature’s amazing show.

Sunset Park

Located about a half-mile west of the Lakeside RV Park, Sunset Park is a favorite among locals. Out of the way and situated along Lake Taneycomo, this small park offers paved walking paths and some stunning fall foliage from both evergreens and deciduous trees. A lighted, 6/10th of a mile walking path is dotted with exercise stations and also is home to a disc golf course.

The lake always stays a brisk temperature. This time of year, especially early in the morning when the fog is rising up from the water, you can still see your breathe as the sun begins to stream through the park’s tall trees.

Branson City Cemetery

Close to the intersection of Commercial Street and Branson Landing Boulevard sits the oldest cemetery in Branson. Home to a number of hardwood trees hearkening back before its founding in 1863, the cemetery in the middle of downtown looks incredible after the leaves have fully turned their various shades of orange, red and yellow. The spot is a particular favorite among photographers during that sweet dawn “golden hour,” when the sun’s first rays first stream over Mount Branson.

You can walk to the cemetery from several different Sparky stops. The cemetery is about a block from Stop #7 (Awberry Parking Lot), but it’s also a short walk from Stop #6 (Branson Landing/Belk).

Which brings us to the next “spot” on the list…

Historic Downtown

Literally anywhere in Downtown Branson looks beautiful this time of year. There are new brick-paver sidewalks and street crossings in Historic Downtown, and Sparky can help you get just about anywhere in the district for FREE. When you’re not marveling at the leaves, there are countless antique stores, coffee shops, tea rooms, cafés and windows to browse.