Downtown Branson Loves Motorcoaches and Group Tours

Motorcoaches parked in Branson

Branson is definitely one of America’s most motorcoach-friendly destinations, and Downtown Branson loves to see buses too!

Many of the businesses, theaters and attractions in Branson appreciate the efforts of our hard-working group leaders, escorts and drivers, and often extend special benefits in the form of complimentary services, meals or discounts. Be sure to mention to our businesses that you are leading or escorting a group!

Here’s everything drivers and escorts need to know about loading and unloading of riders in downtown and at the Branson Landing.

Two main dropoff/pickup points

There are two main loading and unloading points in downtown that conveniently put your guests in the center of all the action:

Main Street and Commercial

On the southwest corner of the Main & Commercial Street intersection is a motorcoach loading zone that also doubles as a trolley stop. Drivers should approach this stop on Main Street by traveling east.

Branson Landing North

The north Branson Landing parking lot has a designated motorcoach loading zone that also serves as a free trolley stop. The stop is directly under the balloon ride attraction. This large zone can accommodate 2-3 coaches at a time if needed. Drivers should turn into the lot at the traffic signal, load/unload their passengers, and then loop around the parking lot to exit.

Five parking locations

There are five parking lots that have ample room to accommodate coaches and buses:

Awberry Parking Lot – West Atlantic Street

Depending on availability, drivers can park coaches in the Awberry Parking Lot. Even if the lot if full, drivers can use West Atlantic Street as a dropoff/pickup point, just one block from Main Street and Commercial Street. Trolley Stop #7 is located in the parking lot.

Parking Lot East of Commercial Street

Located on the east side of Commercial Street between Atlantic and Oklahoma Streets is a smaller lot that accommodate several coaches.

Parking Lot Walnut Street Extension

From Oklahoma Street turn onto Walnut Street Extension for additional motorcoach parking spots.

Convention Center Parking Lot

Located off Sycamore Street at the intersection with Long Street is a lot with ample parking space for buses. It is near Trolley Stop #4 if drivers want to explore downtown.

Branson Landing South Parking Lot

On the southernmost end of the Branson Landing South parking lot is ample room for coach parking. This spot is also near Trolley Stop #2, which is below the Lake Taneycomo bridge on the RV Park side, if drivers want to explore downtown during their idle time.

See the map below for the locations of each of these.