Branson Trolley Provides Free Transportation Throughout Downtown

Trolley Stop #2 at the southern end of Branson Landing

Downtown Branson includes the Historic Downtown district, the Branson Landing, the Taneycomo lakefront and surrounding areas. And you can get around easily (and for no cost) by using downtown’s free trolley system.

The “Sparky” trolleys operate year-round, making a continual loop throughout the day and stopping at 13 predefined trolley stops. From March through December, the trolleys run daily from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. During January and February, the trolleys run Thursdays-Sundays from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Each trolley is quaint, comfortable and also wheelchair-accessible. You can ride from Point A to Point B and back again. Or you can hop on and stay for an entire loop, getting a great tour of Downtown Branson in the process. On board each trolley is a “video tour guide” telling you about downtown, as well as brochures for nearby businesses and attractions.

The 13 Downtown Trolley Stops

Stop 1: Lakeside RV Park
Nearby: RV Park, Lake Taneycomo Bridge, Scotty’s Trout Dock

Stop 2: Bass Pro Shops/Branson Landing South
Nearby: Bass Pro, Branson Landing, White River Fish House, Branson Landing Cruises

Stop 3: Branson Convention Center
Nearby: Convention Center, Hilton Hotels, Starbucks, East Main Street, Branson Scenic Railway, Parking Deck

Stop 4: Price Street
Nearby: Convention Center Parking Lot, City Hall, Business 65/Veterans Blvd.

Stop 5: Intersection of Main & Commercial Streets
Nearby: Dick’s 5 & 10, Historic Downtown Shopping, Motorcoach Parking, Restaurants

Stop 6: Belk / Branson Landing North
Nearby: Belk, Branson Landing, Parakeet Pete’s Balloon, North Beach Park, Boardwalk

Stop 7: Awberry Parking Lot
Nearby: Motorcoach Parking, Public Restrooms, Main Street, Atlantic Street

Stop 8: 4th Street
Nearby: Hotels, Middle Main Street

Stop 9: 6th Street
Nearby: Fast Food, Convenience Stores, Pharmacy, Upper Main Street

Stop 10: Pacific Street at 6th Street
Nearby: Fast Food, Business offices

Stop 11: Pacific Street  at 3rd Street
Nearby: Boutique Stores, Taneyhills Library

Stop 12: Pacific Street at Commercial Street
Nearby: Liberty Plaza, Downtown Shopping, Public Restrooms, Post Office, Downtown Welcome Center, Theatres, Music Stores, Parking Deck

Stop 13: Intersection of Main & Commercial Streets
Nearby: Dick’s 5 & 10, Historic Downtown Shopping, Motorcoach Parking, Restaurants

You also can use your smartphone to find the closest trolley using Sparky’s GPS Trolley Tracker. You also can see all of the frequently asked questions at

So whether you got to downtown via a personal automobile, a motor coach, a school bus or some other vehicle … be sure to Ride Sparky to get around all of downtown easily.