Historic Downtown Branson: One-Stop Christmas Shopping

Christmas Ornaments

So you’re one of those shoppers who likes to stay away from the stampede, instead finding unique or one-of-a-kind gifts that delight your friends and family members.

Historic Downtown Branson has everything you’re looking for. Unique crafts, handmade gifts, hard to find classic toys and more. Just to help jump-start your list, here are a few unique items you can find in Downtown Branson shops and flea markets.

Unique Christmas Decorations

A number of stores around Downtown Branson have unique or hand-made ornaments. Some are blown glass, others are fabric. All make wonderful gifts! You can find scented candles and potpourri, advent calendars, beautiful nativities and more. You can also find other inspirational items to decorate the homes of you or your family members.

And where else can you find those bubble lights that used to go on everyone’s Christmas trees?

Clothes, Jewelry and Shoes

From Western wear to casual to elegant dresses, Downtown Branson has many unique clothing stores to choose from. And don’t miss out on the fine and handmade jewelry. You can even meet the author of “Against All Odds” and find inspirational pennies from heaven jewelry.

There’s also lots of specialty and hand-made leather good, from belts to wallets to entire pieces of clothing!

Classic Toys and Stamps

Remember stamp collecting? Remember wooden blocks or metal tops that spin, delighting your youngest family members? All these gifts of yesteryear can still be found in Downtown Branson. A few more unique items that have been largely forgotten by younger generations:

  • Lincoln Logs
  • Paper Dolls
  • Jack in the Box
  • Jacks (just remember to always wear shoes!)

Unique, Funny or Gag Gifts

A gigantic coffee mug big enough to hold nearly a gallon of coffee (that’s a real pick-me-up!). A black-and-white Kit-Cat Klock with the wagging tail and moving eyes. Coin purses for men. Expandable pocket cups. You’ll find it all here.

Downtown Branson is also home to the area’s only magic and joke shop, so if you have a mischievous streak, you know where to look!

Or you can have that special gift engraved with your loved one’s name or special dates.

Nostalgia and Old-World Know-How

Those lost skills like canning and pickling can still be learned, including books and videos to help get your kitchen-challenged family members on the right track. There’s quilt blocks to help with your next quilted masterpiece. There’s needlepoint and embroidery patterns and the floss to get you sewing. Then there are those impossible-to-find items like handkerchiefs, hand-cranked mixers, lye soap and mesh flyswatters.

Don’t forget to look through the amazing selection of cookbooks, including Aunt Bea’s Mayberry Cookbook or Elvis’ favorite recipes.

Food, Fudge and Treats

Downtown Branson is home to an old-time soda fountain and the town’s most unique candy shop. You can get a float with homemade ice cream or a foot of fudge (literally shaped like a foot).

While you’re here, you have to stock up on those hard-to-find treats like Christmas ribbon candy, saltwater taffy, candy buttons and Beemans Gum. And the best selection of exotic spices in the area!

Plan to stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Downtown is home to some of Branson’s most unique dining, including home-style cooking, Chicago-style pizza, Greek food, sushi, lattes, steaks and more!


For a list of Downtown Branson stores and restaurants, please visit the Historic Downtown Branson business directory.